Color My Grey? No Way!

Silver Fox was established in 1956 on the belief that going grey doesn’t mean your hair must lose its youthful luster and shine. The patented and time-tested formula helps to maintain the natural beauty of your grey, white and silver hair. Silver Fox products remove undesirable yellow or brassy tones, without using expensive and harsh hair dyes.

In 2001, Silver Fox was acquired by U.S. International Trading Corp, a company dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and products developed through rigorous scientific research and bold innovation. USITC offers an extensive portfolio of specialty beauty and personal care products, all designed to enhance the lives of their customers and meet their desire for natural, organic and safe products.

Our Mission

The fundamental mission of the company is to create highly effective hair care products that are specific to those customers with Greying and Bleached hair, made from simple, natural, safe & effective ingredients.